Waste Bin Full of Brand New, Intentionally Destroyed Shoes To Prevent Reselling and Maintain High Market Price


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A new image has surfaced online of high quality, brand new shoes intentionally destroyed to prevent reselling and to maintain an artificially high price.

See the image here:

Shoes intentionally destroyed to guard against counterfeit

Fashion and brand company, Burberry once destroyed about £28m worth of stock as a measure to guard against counterfeits. Other fashion and that have engaged in practices such as this includes Zara, H&M, A&F, and a host of others.

So, why do fashion brands do this?

In a July 18 2018 report by The Guardian, one of the reasons why luxury fashion brands prefer to destroy their excess goods is to guard against counterfeiting.

“Retailers say the measure is needed to protect intellectual property and prevent illegal counterfeiting by ensuring the supply chain remains intact.

said it only destroyed items that carried its trademark and only worked with specialist companies able to harness the energy from the process in order to make it environmentally friendly.” The Guardian reported.

But why don’t they just offer the excess products to charity, or something else?

In a bid to control the market price of their products, and to maintain its luxury tag, luxurious fashion brands would rather prefer to destroy excess products than seeing them been made in the cheap, or being worn ‘by cheap people’, as former Hollister’s CEO didn’t want to donate clothes because he didn’t want to see poor people in them. So what would he rather do? Burn them!

Rather than offer their excess products to charities, as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), brands would prefer to see to the destruction of such luxury items whilst making other provision for their CSR programs.

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